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From top homes – to top bunks!

NEWSLETTER / April 2022

HISTORY IN THE MAKING HISTORY IN THE MAKING “Every now and then, a design defies definition,” writes Big Sky Journal in the just-out HOME issue, its glossy, oversized and catalog-thick annual roundup of top Western design. The “defies definition” refers to a Missoula house with interiors by  Kibler & Kirch. Constructed in a historical neighborhood, the thoroughly contemporary house nonetheless embraces history in clever ways, including, from Kibler & Kirch owner Jeremiah Young, a hex-tile floor design that nods to Victorian times with an abstract modern floral pattern, and a striking wallpaper from Svenskt Tenn featuring a 1940s design by father of Swedish Modernism Josef Frank. Also in the new BSJ HOME issue? WRJ Design’s Wyoming cowboy cabin remodel, lightening and brightening the classic log home for 21st-century comfort while retaining its vintage air of Western tradition. (PHOTO: Gibeon Photography)

HORSING AROUND Montana artist Tyrel Johnson has a way with horses – at least as lovingly rendered in his trademark bronze and wood sculptures ranging from tabletop to monumental. When Word shared images from Tyrel Johnson Fine Art with luxurious Equestrian Living magazine, the premier source for the elegant horsey set, they agreed, featuring his work and an interview with the artist in the March/April 2022 issue. Tyrel wants his work “to give its owners a positive feeling every time they walk through the room where they’ve placed it … Though a horse’s beauty is enough to inspire sculpture, I think their human-like qualities help tip the scales from my perspective as a storyteller,” Tyrel tells EQ in the resulting “The Storytelling Sculptures of Tyrel Johnson.”

BE OUR GUEST All the best new guest rooms are bunk rooms – at least for Rocky Mountain homeowners who are regularly inundated with multiple family and friends eager to enjoy all that mountain towns have to offer. “Dedicated bunk rooms are built to sleep a crowd, evoking memories of summer camp and family weekends at the lake,” writes The Spruce (a Meredith digital design publication with a monthly reach of 9 million) in the recent “25 Bunk Room Ideas People of All Ages Will Love.” Idea #18 is the Vail bunkroom from Courtney St. John of Courtney St. John Studio, shown, which “is set up for kids, but is sleek enough to work for teens and adults.” Also featured in the piece is a clean-lined offering from JLF Architects at #3 and a Jackson Hole salvage-wood rustic example, at #21 from WRJ Design. (PHOTO: Gibeon Photography)



Don’t hide your light under a bushel, as the old saying goes. That phrase could be a PR mantra. While most businesses are okay with promoting the good work they do, people like to connect with people, making messaging more effective when it comes from Jeremiah Young, say, than his Kibler & Kirch design firm, or from Rush Jenkins and Klaus Baer than their WRJ Design brand. That “look at me” concept can feel uncomfortable, but "People are looking for leaders. They're glad when you're a star, they want to look up to you," entrepreneur and (Oprah-endorsed) thought leader Marie Forleo counsels in a recent email. “It shows them what's possible. You're not doing anyone any favors if you hide and refuse to be all, ‘Look at me.’” Of course for Word PR clients, stepping into the spotlight is a little easier with the “design guru” kudos coming from us. And we’re never shy about talking up our favorite peeps. (And speaking of ‘look at me,’ our thanks to Vail interior designer extraordinaire Courtney St. John for turning us on to Marie Forleo in the first place!)

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